Statement from the CEO

Dear Stakeholders,

2021 was the second year of execution of the Autostrade per l'Italia Group's Transformation Plan and saw us achieve many of the objectives set at the beginning of 2020, thanks to the passion and constant commitment of the 9,000 people who work for the Group.

The process is still ongoing, with other projects being completed as we shift towards an integrated mobility management model focused on infrastructure safety and the capacity to dialogue with our customers and stakeholders, thereby promoting sustainable and inclusive growth and the development of our staff and talents.

In 2021, the Group laid the foundations for our ESG strategy, setting ambitious targets, launching initiatives involving all our key stakeholders and designing a new governance system. Many of our business processes have been reviewed from the viewpoint of their sustainability, defining metrics and goals in line with the United Nations 2030 Agenda.

The aim is to become the reference point for shaping the mobility of the future by building and managing infrastructure in accordance with a new approach to sustainability throughout the supply chain, providing ground-breaking safety standards and developing innovative technological solutions capable of improving all aspects of the travel experience.

A concrete demonstration of this commitment is the receipt of “Platinum” sustainability certification from Envision at the beginning of 2022 in relation to the new design for the Bologna by-pass, the first European motorway project to receive such recognition. The same approach is to be extended to all the major new projects being planned.

The aim is to become the benchmark for shaping the mobility of the future.

Technological innovation - the common denominator in any business decision - is guiding the transition towards a new vision of our role as an integrated provider of sustainable mobility, going beyond management of the infrastructure we operate under concession. This has led to the launch of the Mercury Programme, designed to share exchange our technologically advanced solutions and initiatives for the integrated management of mobility infrastructure and services.

Reshaping the new Autostrade per l’Italia has also involved creation or redefinition of the mission of new subsidiaries. Engineering and design are now the principal focus of Tecne, which has started operations and begun to make a decisive contribution to the Group’s investment and maintenance plan, To increase synergies on this front, we have consolidated our control of Pavimental (renamed Amplia Infrastructures from 2022), whose mission will continue to be focused on the delivery of complex infrastructure using sustainable materials and technologies to primarily carry out in-house works, but with an eye on applications in other sectors. Movyon, the Group’s technology spin-off, will be engaged in the development of innovative Intelligent Transport Systems for smart mobility and smart city projects, whilst Free To X will be engaged in the management of integrated and sustainable mobility solutions, The latest addition, in 2022, is Elgea, whose mission is to produce renewable energy and to support the various areas of activity within the Group in giving shape to an industrial vision based on sustainability. Elgea will be responsible for the installation of photovoltaic panels along the motorway network which, once the rollout has been completed, will meet the Company’s entire needs.

But the future is above all built by people, This is why our Group has embarked on an extraordinary plan to create up to 2,900 jobs. The women and men who work for Autostrade per l’Italia will make the difference as we proceed along our sustainable growth and transformation path. The over 9,000 people that work with us, each with their particular work experience, age and social commitment, represent a unique asset that has enabled and will enable the Group to work for the Country with strength and confidence.

Autostrade per l’Italia strategy and challenges largely coincide to a large extend with the same priorities faced by Italy and its economy. In March 2022, the new Addendum and the related Financial Plan for the period 2020-2024, drawn up in accordance with the Transport Regulator’s new requirements, became effective. The Company is preparing to begin work on delivery of one of the most important Plan in Italy, and in the Company’s history, designed to modernise the infrastructure we operate.

Our expertise and the involvement of strategic partners at national level form the starting point for the relaunch of this Company and will play a major part in the country’s recovery.

Roberto Tomasi
Roberto Tomasi
Chief Executive Officer